Contained Project

CONTAINED Project connects experience, research and creative learning to contribute to dialogues and greater understanding about migration.


Theatrical tools to experience what migration feels like.

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Exchange stories and information from research about migration.

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Creative learning

Learn about migration in a creative and interactive way.

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CONTAINED Project began in 2016 as a collaboration between researcher Marieke van Houte and Anja Meinhardt of physical theatre company Justice in Motion, together with storyteller and teacher Remco Heijmans. Throughout the course of 2016, we developed a trilogy of immersive, physical and participatory performances.

In 2017, Marieke is developing CONTAINED Project further and is keen to work with others to create more connections that trigger dialogues on migration: If you are a researcher, performer, artist, funder or event organizer and you would like to work with CONTAINED Project, get in touch!


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The opportunities to connect research, experience and creative learning on migration are endless, but we have some ideas. Will you work with us to create one of the following things?


CONTAINED Project is keen to collaborate with developers to build an interactive game on migration, in which strategy, teamwork, personality and context play a role, based on research on patterns of migration. If you are interested in taking on this challenge, please get in touch!


Are you a film maker who is interested in following the activities of CONTAINED Project in Europe and further afield? If so, please get in touch!


We would like to build an interactive exhibition on migration, expanding on the interactive tools that we have developed. If you are a curator who is looking to host such an exhibition, or if you are designer who would like to help create this, please get in touch!


We are interested in developing audio-visual material, such as audio guides, interactive infographics, animations and other creative learning methods, capturing some of the most telling facts, patterns and stories of migration. Please get in touch if you would like to help us to develop these!


Do you have any questions, remarks or feedback on CONTAINED Project? Please send a message to or fill in the form below!