On 10-12 February 2017, CONTAINED // Pecking Order was performed at The Story Museum. Visitors also had the chance to attend an open rehearsal, the post-show discussion and a drinks reception. This was the last performance of the piece in its current pilot version, before Justice in Motion continues to work it into a full-length piece.

Read the lovely review of this event by Michael Dornan at Daily Info!

Birds. Fascinating to watch. Good for business. Suddenly they’re everywhere. Everything changes. It’s suffocating. A bird migration crisis?

Why are they here? What is their story? Are we responsible? Is it possible to become involved without getting blood on your hands? Should we even question why we do the things we do?

Contained – Pecking Order, on different responses to immigration in receiving societies, has never been more timely than now. If you want to experience, have your thoughts provoked about and discuss different responses to immigration, and you also want to be entertained with a stunning show that is a treat to the senses, don’t miss your chance to see this show!

Friday 10th February
10:00-17:00 – OPEN REHEARSAL

Saturday 11th February
18:00-18:50 – CONTAINED // ‘Pecking Order’
19:00-19:30 – Post-show Discussion
19:30-20:30 – Drinks Reception

Sunday 12th February
15:00-15:50 – CONTAINED // ‘Pecking Order’
16:00-16:45 – Post show Discussion

This performance is part of the CONTAINED trilogy of theatrical performances that connect experience, research, and creative learning to create dialogues and more understanding about migration. The team of the performance at the Story Museum consists of: Creative Director Anja Meinhardt – Research Director Marieke van Houte – Script Joakim Daun – Performers Judith Von Orelli – Peter Dewhurst – Fiona Watson – Anja Meinhardt – Music Quentin Lachapele – Lights James McKeogh – Film Ben Johnston – Set Simon Dormon – Costumes Suzie Burlton & Zoë Parkinson – Producer Johnny O’Reilly Production Assistant Brittany Roberts.