During Wilderness Festival on the 7th of August 2016, CONTAINED presented a scratch performance of Pecking order, a physical theatre performance that uses the migration of birds as a metaphor for human migration. It explores different perspectives on the question of what ‘we’ should do to deal with underlying issues that cause migration, and why.

It’s either us or them. That’s what it has come down to
Birds. Fascinating to watch. Good for business. Suddenly they are everywhere. There are more of them every day. A bird migration crisis?

Why are they here? What are they coming to tell us? Are we responsible for the underlying reasons of their migration? Is it possible to get involved without getting blood on your hands? Should we even get into philosophical questions about why we do the things we do?

Pecking Order explores Movements and Changes of migration – different perspectives on the question what ‘we’ should do to deal with underlying issues that cause migration, and why.

No one should be kept inside against their will. No one.
They wanted you to be a runner. So you ran, faster and faster. But you never got any further. You’ve always dreamed about flying away. Will you have the chance to do something meaningful before your frustration destroys you?

I can’t think of anything more rewarding than serving the people.
You want to stay in control and serve your people. You like the big words. Solidarity. Diversity. Society. You try to find a solution that works for everyone. But instead of saying thank you they criticize you. They don’t know what you stand for. But do you?

It’s the thrill of hunt without getting blood on your hands.
Observing them is your life. You know there is no such animal as a caged bird. Your job is just to capture the information and pass it on. But can you really share your knowledge without becoming part of the system?

I don’t see why everyone is running away.
Things are changing. They threaten everything you’ve been trying to achieve. The government is helping them and not you. What else can you do than hate them? Or is there anything to discover when you look out of your own contained space?

Pecking Order is part of our trilogy of theatrical performances that connects experience, research, and creative learning to create dialogues and more understanding about migration. The team of the performance at Wilderness festival consisted of: Creative Director Anja Meinhardt – Research Director Marieke van Houte – Script Joakim Daun – Performers Daniella Cromwell – Remco Heijmans – Luke Chadwick-Jones – Anja Meinhardt Music Quentin Lachapele – Lights Ophélie Lebrasseur – Film Ben Johnston – Set Simon Dormon – Costumes Suzie Burlton –  Production Assistant Natalie Hind